Career prospects

A Master’s degree in Computer Engineering is considered one of the top 10 studies in the world, in terms of job opportunities and salary prospective. A degree from TU Delft constitutes an excellent foundation for a successful international career. Our graduates are employed in many companies, both local and international, and they have taken on a wide variety of tasks. Examples range from designing custom-made computational circuits for mobile phones and implantable medical devices to the design and maintenance of large-scale telecommunication networks. Many of our graduates are working in prominent companies, including NXP, ASML, Philips, Apple, IBM, SUN, Intel, Google and NVIDIA. Others have opted for academic careers, continued their studies in order to pursue a PhD or started their own companies based on their Master’s thesis work.

Career Centre

The Career Centre can help if you have questions about choosing a degree programme or switching to another programme, or about your future career.