Career Prospects

At a time of growing public concern about such issues as waste management, energy consumption and human and environmental health, amongst many others, chemical engineers have a vital role to play in society. Innovative thinking on their part is also essential for the development and implementation of more efficient, safer and environmentally friendlier production processes and machinery.


The great majority of our graduates are employed shortly after graduating. Most of our graduates work in industry, in the Netherlands or elsewhere. Many have found employment with leading firms like Shell, AkzoNobel, DSM, Exxon Chemical, Heineken, ING, BASF, Philips, Procter & Gamble, ASML and Unilever. Others have joined consultancy firms, work in the public sector, are active in non-profit organisations or have started their own businesses.

Examples of career paths for molecular engineers include:

  • development and manufacture of new materials such as nanocapsules and advanced polymers
  • development and manufacture of new devices such as nanocapsules, solar cells and energy storage devices
  • pharmaceuticals
  • biotechnology
  • electronics
  • materials science

PhD research

Graduates can choose to pursue research careers by applying for a PhD position, generally for four years, at one of the departments of Delft University of Technology (see also or elsewhere.

Traineeship engineering design - EngD programmes

Students interested in gaining experience as trainees in design can apply for the two-year EngD programme after graduation. One of these years is spent working closely with a company. For more information, please visit the EngD page

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