Application and admission

You have to meet the admission requirements for the MSc Programme Complex Systems Engineering and Management. These depend on your Bachelor's degree. 

Candidates with a multidisciplinary engineering degree may enter the programme directly, i.e. BSc degree in multi-disciplinary Systems Engineering ('Technische Bestuurskunde') or a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering & Management. Candidates with a monodisciplinary engineering degree or a degree in a natural science may enter the programme after they have completed the online linkage programme. 

Dutch HBO bachelors with an engineering or natural sciences background (with grade point average > 7 within 4 years and final assignment (Bachelor thesis) > 7 ) and university bachelors in architecture or others with deficiencies in their background knowledge, if admitted, will have to follow the online linkage programme as well as an individual bridging program of max 30 ects.

Candidates will be admitted based on the quality and level of their education; individual performance and quality of the educational institute, and their motivation.  All candidates for the MSc Programme Complex Systems Engineering and Management are required to submit a motivation letter (essay). The essay (2,000 words) should address the following elements:

  • Your motivation for taking the CoSEM MSc programme and what is expected from the study 
  • Which track interests you most, and why?
  • Hypothetical thesis project; what kind of a project would you prefer if you were free to make a choice? Also briefly explain what you would want to explore in your thesis project. Provide a maximum of three hypothetical thesis topics and elaborate on your particular interests in them.
  • For non TB-students: a brief summary (maximum 250 words) of the thesis work or the final assignment (to be) done for the Bachelor’s programme, including information on the credits earned, grade, and full workload. 

Below you can read all about the requirements for this degree programme and read more on the application procedure.