Linkage programme

The online Linkage programme is designed for the BSc students with a monodisciplinary engineering degree or a degree in a natural science, who wish to enter the CoSEM programme. Once you have applied for the MSC CoSEM and you do not have a BSc degree in Technische Bestuurskunde or Industrial Engineering & Management, you are not directly admitted to the programme. The programme is obligatory for most foreign students. Some foreign students can get dispensation from the linkage programme. Our international officer can tell you more about this.

Dutch students holding a multi-disciplinary engineering BSc degree from a Dutch university have to follow some modules from the linkage programme which will be advised by the admissions committee. 

Dutch students holding a multi-disciplinary engineering BSc degree from a Dutch HBO have to follow a bridging programme of 30 EC (in Dutch) as well as the linkage programme. The admission committee will inform you about this. 

The linkage programme is only accessible with a guest account, which will be provided after approval of the admissions committee. 

For each module you need approximately 10 hours. There is no predefined schedule for the program. The program is open 24 hours per day so you can access the course materials anytime. There are no fixed times, the activities/assignments do not have any deadlines. The only constraint is that it MUST be finished before 1 May (for international students).

The online Linkage program consists of 7 Learning Units (modules) based on the BSc study program Technische Bestuurskunde (TB). The 7th module contains 4 elective subjects (tracks). It is compulsory for you to choose one of these 4.

  • Module 1: Problem analysis and stakeholders analysis
  • Module 2: Multi-actor decision making
  • Module 3: Law
  • Module 4: Micro and institutional economics
  • Module 5: Philosophy of science and ethics
  • Module 6: System modelling
  • Module 7: Track modules (giving support for choosing one track inside the CoSEM program)

 The learning objectives are:

  • to prepare potential students for CoSEM courses,
  • to give them an impression of which tracks are available,
  • to support them in choosing a track,
  • to test their knowledge.

After each module, there is a self-assessment test, which all students MUST complete before the end of the course and prior to their final application to the CoSEM programme.

In addition, CoSEM Msc candidates, whose entire Bsc grade point average is less than 7.5, are also required to complete a 1500 word essay and a skype discussion with the teachers at the end of the program (to be scheduled).

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