Jessy Lee from the Netherlands

Personal information

  • Name: Jessy Lee Kemmers
  • Age: 23
  • Country of origin: the Netherlands
  • Current residence: Rotterdam
  • Likes to do (kick)boxing, play the piano and sing jazz. Also loves to explore Rotterdam with friends



Hi there! My name is Jessy Lee Kemmers and currently I am pursuing my master’s degree in Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM) at the TPM faculty.

Before I started studying in Delft I graduated from the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University where I obtained my BSc. Business Administration. During my bachelor I followed a minor program in Delft at Aerospace Engineering, so before I started with CoSEM I already gained some knowledge about technology. After graduating from the Erasmus University I had no idea what my next step was going to be, so I decided to take one year off from studies and started working in a cool start-up. In this start-up my two major fields of interest really came together: business and technology. All the insights I gained during that year helped me to understand that I wanted to focus on management of technical matters. So from there I started my search for the right master’s degree and after some research CoSEM really caught my attention.

CoSEM offers me the opportunity to further develop my management skills, but at the same time explore the technical field. The curriculum is quite broad, but at the same time we all focus on a specific domain within complex systems engineering, which makes the students strong and skilled allrounders. I chose the domain of transport and logistics, as this has always been a field of interest to me. Within this domain we get different courses regarding travel behavior, freight transport and innovations in logistics.

I believe CoSEM is a great choice for students that have strong social skills with an interest in technology and management. The degree is also a good fit for students with a non-technical background like me, you just have to work a bit harder than the others. Also, when you come from a different university, you should be aware of some typical TU Delft things. One example is the ‘sky is the limit’ mentality of Delft students, which was totally new to me.

At RSM I learned that money is always a restriction, which somehow disables you to really think out of the box and makes you choose the practical solution rather than an expensive, innovative solution. At first, this was really out of my comfort zone, however after some projects I also started to think a bit bigger. On the other hand I also managed to stress the importance of budgeting in the teams I worked with, which resulted in innovative, but feasible projects!

If you are a student with a non-technical background it might require some bridging effort in order to get accepted for this degree. As I also studied econometrics for a while I already had a proper mathematical background, so no pre-master was required. However, I did follow the bridging program which allowed me to gain some important knowledge and get acquainted with specific jargon that is used in the courses at TPM.

Currently I am in the first year of CoSEM and it has been great so far! I l gained a lot of new skills, met new friends for life and actively participated in some great events of study association Curius. This summer I will also join the Study Tour to Moscow, Kazakhstan and South-Korea and from September onwards I will move to Munich for half a year to follow electives. The faculty itself is relatively small (especially compared to RSM), which makes it very personal. The teachers are very approachable and are always willing to help if you have any questions. I really feel like I have found the right place and I am much looking forward to spending the next 1,5 year at TPM!

After graduating from CoSEM I would love to start my own company, but first I want to gain some more working experience. With a master’s degree like CoSEM the job opportunities are great, which also makes it hard to choose where to start your career. However, I hope my career will start with a challenging position within aviation, the harbor, the automotive industry or maybe the fashion industry!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!