Information & Communication

Nowadays, nothing in our society can function without a large-scale digital information infrastructure. The information infrastructure is a technically complex system because it is constructed by components that are publicly or privately owned. This requires a design and governance of the systems that are based on public-private partnerships to make optimal use of the information.

The I&C track offers comprehensive education in the field of system architecture and design of I&C based platforms for multi-actor collaboration, business intelligence, safety and security. The track is designed for students who are interested in designing, for example, application for smart logistics, in designing platforms for local energy generation or for big and open data to create green energy services within a smart city.

Thesis projects

Recent graduation projects focused on such issues as the formulation of a global IT sourcing strategy, improving innovation processes, the design of a quick-scan information awareness tool, the development of new mobile services (e.g. for police officers), the design of processes that are enabled by smart meters, the design of information sharing among private and public organisations, the exploitation of social software/Web 2.0 applications to promote new ways of working in banking, and the design of a patient portal for communicating with doctors at a medical centre. Typical organisations and companies where graduates take up employment are ING, insurance companies, KPMG, Accenture, customs and revenue organisations, social security, municipalities and ministries. Several graduates have successfully launched their own companies. 

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