Martijn Rentmeester

After graduating in August 2014 I joined Deloitte as a consultant in the field of Analytics & Information Management. During my study Computer Science in Delft I noticed that I liked the field of Data Science. Not only the math and algorithms in this field are beautiful, but also the dozens of applications. Instead of using gut feeling we now know much better what is really going on looking at measured data and we can even predict or recommend things.

However I didn’t see myself only programming all day long, as I am also broader interested in how technology can be applied in the business world. Therefore I chose to join a consultancy firm. As a consultant in Analytics & Information Management I advise clients, mainly big corporates (like Philips, Achmea, Ziggo and PostNL), in the field of Data Science. The type of advice can be quite diverse. Sometimes I create a data analysis for a client, and thus program machine learning algorithms in languages like SQL, R or Python. But on other days I am creating (PowerPoint) presentations to consult the client about how they can apply Data Science in their working field to improve, for example, their marketing department. This wouldn’t be possible if I don’t understand how the different machine learning algorithms work. So in both ways, the knowledge gained during my studies helps me.

Another advantage of working for a company like Deloitte is that a lot of young people start their career in those kind of companies. Everyone is full of energy and new fresh ideas and willing to make the best out of their lives. This is really inspiring.

Graduation year: 2014
Bachelor programme: Computer Science (TUD)
Master programme: Computer Science (TUD)
Track: Media and Knowledge Engineering (currently named: Data Science & Technology)
Current position: Consultant Analytics & Information Management
Company: Deloitte Consulting