Programme in detail


1 EC = 28 hours of study, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) •

One academic year = 60 EC • Total number of credits in the MSc programm

1st year at TU Delft

For students spending their first year at Delft University of Technology, the programme is structured as follows:



Compulsory core courses

Distributed Algorithms 6 EC
Web Science & Engineering 5 EC
Seminar Cloud Computing 5 EC
Smart Phone Sensing5 EC

 Find more information about the courses via the online study guide 

2nd year at TU Delft - Specialisations

The second year, Cloud Computing and Services  offers six specialisations of which one can be chosen at TU Delft:

Distributed Data Processing focuses on the design and analysis of large-scale cloud and datacenter infrastructures, and on data-processing frameworks for compute-intensive and data-intensive applications ranging from the analysis of sensor data in smart industry to genome analysis in bioinformatics.

The TU Delft specialisation addresses the following areas:

Cloud computing and big data processing: resource management and scheduling in data centres and clouds for both compute-intensive and data-intensive applications (e.g., massive multiplayer games and large-scale graph processing)

Online social networks: techniques for sharing resources for the distribution of live, streaming, and recorded video, with a focus on performance, reputations, trust, and privacy

Sensor networks and Internet of Things: energy-aware protocols for large-scale monitoring systems ranging from medium access control, via routing/aggregation, to application-specific in-network data processing

Web Engineering and Web Science: web data and semantics  (integrating and linking data in web-based information systems), Web analysis and user modeling (understanding users in web-based information systems), and Web engineering and adaptation (adapting to users in web-based information systems)

Note that you can take the TU Delft specialisation only when you study the first year at one of the other universities.

Compulsory specialisation courses

Blockchain Engineering 5 EC
Seminar Web Information Systems 5 EC
Internet of Things Seminar 5 EC
I&E thesis/chapter 6 EC
ICT Innovation thesis project 30 EC

 Find more information about the courses via the online study guide 

Specialisations which you can choose at one of the other Universities are:

Mobile Services Aalto  focuses on mobile cloud computing: connecting mobile phones and other wireless devices to cloud services, innovating new mobile cloud computing applications, and studying the technical challenges related to their development.

Cloud Operation TU Berlin Cloud systems are complex, incorporating a multitude of different systems and services. The specialisation Cloud Operation focuses on running and managing these complex cloud systems.

Cloud Infrastructures  Un. Rennes 1 focuses on the design and implementation of large-scale cloud infrastructures with special attention to the convergence of distributed systems, telecom and media.

Data Intensive Computing KTH focuses on data intensive computing, and on designing large scale storage systems, both at large data centres and distributed across the network on peer-to-peer overlay networks.

Distributed Information Management UPS focuses on massive information and data management with a particular emphasis on large-scale distributed systems.

For more information on Cloud Computing and Services see the website: