Career prospects

There are basically four professional fields that you can end up in after you graduate: corporate, start-up, academic, or consultancy. Many start working in the banking, gaming or medical industry. During your studies you will have the opportunity to contact companies and build a network. Here are a few concrete examples of areas that DST students have ended up in:

  • Facebook: Searching for images and music. A DST graduate now works on the visualisation of high-dimensional data in social networks using the t-SNE method.
  • Google: Modifying a search engine in such a way that it knows WHY you are looking for something, resulting in more appropriate queries. A DST graduate received a Google fellowship for this work.
  • Start-up: Using software technology to analyse photos on social media to identify potential safety risks at large events. For example, the risk of collapsing tents at a festival or large crowds in the centre of Amsterdam during SAIL. A DST graduate has turned this research into a start-up.

Career Centre

The Career Centre can help if you have questions about choosing a degree programme or switching to another programme, or about your future career.
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