Track: Software Technology

Software technology has a major impact on the economies of industrialised countries. Information-processing systems provide the backbone for almost all administrative and logistic operations within commercial production, business and public administration. 

Degree: Master of Science Computer Science, Track: Software Technology

Credits: 120 ECTS, 24 months

Type: Regular study programme

Mode: Full-time

Start: September

Language of instruction: English

Software permeates all aspects of our life, ranging from Internet-based services like online games, social networks and cloud computing, to large-scale scientific computing systems and traffic control systems. These systems need to have effective algorithms, good performance, high reliability and a well-thought-out architecture to make them easy to build and to maintain. Such essential features very well describe the focus of the Software Technology track.

What you will learn

In the Software Technology (ST) track of the Computer Science MSc programme, the engineering of complex software systems takes on a central role. In this track, you will learn how to integrate them in real-world information-processing systems. Illustrative topics include distributed, multimedia, knowledge and secure processing systems, web and software engineering, visualisation and interaction.

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