Marie Kegelaars

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in Antwerp, Belgium, during which I did an exchange program at TU Delft. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to come back for a full Master’s degree.

One of the best things about the Computer Science Masters at TU Delft, in my opinion, is that they are highly customisable. There is a wide range of courses on various topics to choose from so everyone can put together a program that they find interesting and exciting. Because of the many research groups, you are sure to find a thesis topic you like to work on. I especially like how adaptable the software technology track is. It allows you to explore all kinds of different areas of software technology. Anyone who is considering the software technology master I would advise to take a look at the range of offered courses.

Another important aspect is opportunity. Over the last year, I got the opportunity to continue working on a course project that I was very excited about. Eventually, it was installed on campus for everyone to see. I also got the opportunity to work with advanced and exclusive technology. It was great to work with different kinds of robots and try out augmented and virtual reality.

Delft is a lovely city. The city centre is great to have lunch, go out for dinner or grab a drink with friends.

Overall, I am happy with my choice because I am able to customise my Master’s program to fit my interests and work on projects I love. With all these options and opportunities, the possibilities for the future seem endless.