Prof. Arie van Deursen

I am a professor of Software Engineering, the field which deals with building complex software systems. Modern software systems can span millions of lines of code, are created by hundreds of people working together and are subject to continuous change. Keeping the software well-structured and dependable in spite of this continuous change is one of the key challenges in software engineering.

In our group we work on making software understandable through visualization, on making it dependable through innovative testing techniques and on methods and techniques to better support collaborative software development. The group has an excellent research reputation. We have strong contacts with national as well as international companies, and collaborate with universities around the world.

Our MSc students can work together with our partners from Delft or with our international partners. As an example, one MSc student is working with the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) on an open source tool called Crawljax aimed at test automation for modern web applications. This tool was originally developed at TU Delft, and has been used by Google, Ebay, and Fujitsu.

Our students learn to take a leading role in such software engineering projects, and learn how to deal with the complexities that arise from software created for a continuously changing environment.