EU/EFTA Applicants with an international bachelor degree

Admission requirements

All applicants have to fulfil the minimal TU Delft admission requirements.

Academic background

For admission to this particular programme applicants need to have obtained an engineering bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering or a closely related field with good scores for key subjects.

Applications will be assessed by the admission committee based on the academic performance and study load in the following key subjects:

  • Mathematics (Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Stochastics) 
  • Physics (Electromagnetics, Electricity and Magnetism) 
  • Electrical circuits (Electronics, Linear and Integrated Circuits) 
  • Signals and Systems (Signal Processing, Systems and Control) 

GRE test

Applicants are encouraged to upload results from the GRE revised General Test, although this is not an additional admission requirement. You can find it here. If you do not upload results from the GRE, then you can upload this statement, to complete your application.

Application procedure

Applicants who meet the above requirements can apply for admission by following the TU Delft application procedure.

In case of capacity issues a cap may be installed on applications from non-EER students.