Prof. Miro Zeman

I am the head of the Electrical Sustainable Energy (ESE) department. Within the ESE department I chair the group Photovoltaic Materials and Devices (PVMD) that focuses on research and education in the field of solar electricity. This is an interesting and exciting field because solar electricity has a big advantage over other forms of electricity generation, such as the thermal and nuclear energy. It is the direct energy conversion of solar radiation into electricity and is considered by many to be the most promising energy conversion technology for the future.

Students find it fascinating to work in the PVMD group, improving the performance of solar cells and developing photovoltaic systems for new applications, such as charging electrical cars and bicycles.

The Master of Science track Electrical Power Engineering offers the students education in the important aspects of electrical power systems, such as their reliability and protection, generation and transportation of electricity from renewable energy sources and is strongly focused towards future intelligent electrical power systems.

Graduation projects are part of outstanding world-class research in areas such as photovoltaic and wind electricity generation; fabrication and characterization of new energy materials; design, fabrication and testing of highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly components such as solar cells, converters and electro-mechanical machines; and design and optimization of complete electricity power systems with novel smart grid architectures and system-performance monitoring.

The projects are carried out in the ESE department in cooperation with companies such as Tennet, DNVKema, Alliander, Philips, Siemens, ECN, TNO, HyET Solar. The students contribute with their project results to the realization the ESE department vision: reliable, sustainable, and affordable electricity for everyone.

The demand for engineers with high-quality education in electrical power engineering is increasing and therefore the students easily find a good job or start their own company.