Shubham Khandelwal

Hey, I’m Shubham, I did my bachelor’s in Mechatronics engineering from India. During the bachelor studies, I developed an interest in microelectronic devices especially in MEMS technologies.

I chose to pursue a masters at the TU Delft in Microelectronics because of its reputation and the excellent facilities that are provided by EEMCS faculty. Specifically the Else Kooi laboratory which is a state of the art micro-manufacturing laboratory.

What I really like about the program is the coursework that is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. At TU Delft the microelectronics program is well structured, the courses start from basics and gradually progresses to higher intensive level.  Moreover, you get to design your own coursework from a wide set of specializations available within the department of microelectronics such as Biomedical electronics, Microsystem and technology, Analog, Digital and RF circuit designing. Furthermore, the specialization offers numerous project which is both job as well as Ph.D. oriented. Hence, prospective students can choose their master’s project in accordance with their goals.

I’m really enjoying my master at TU Delft as it is full of challenges and provides an overall growth as an engineer. I would recommend microelectronics program to all the prospective students who are intrigued by the electronic aspect of engineering.

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