Preetha Vijayan

I am writing this with 45 tabs open simultaneously. Some are course work related, some are related to summer fellowships, some are random research papers. My point is, you could be a lot of things at TU Delft. Bored isn’t one of them!

Oh hey! Forgot to introduce myself. My name is Preetha Vijayan. I am doing my Masters in Electrical Engineering specializing on Signals and Systems.

A little back story: *Star Wars music playing in the background* A short time ago in a country far far away, when things started to get a bit complacent at my 9-5 job, I decided to find a challenge. Doing Masters sounded like a plan. Now let’s turn it up to eleven. How about Masters in another country! In the U.S maybe? Nehh.. that Trump guy seems crazy. Europe? Hmm… very ‘Insta-worthy’ place. The next logical question was – in which field. VLSI? No, I hated my Bachelor’s professor for that subject. Signal processing? Yes, I did my final year thesis in that subject. Definitely interesting! Also, as I had binge watched House MD by then, (If you haven’t watched it, give it a try.) I thought it would be cool to combine biomedical with signal processing. Now, I just had to find a university which provides such flexibility in choosing your specialisation along with current and relevant courses. TU Delft obviously topped the list. Let’s fast forward. It’s been around 3 months here and I am one quarter old now.

With my blogs, I mainly plan to give you tips and tricks to survive grad life, but I might get existential once in a while because you know, therapy is expensive! :-)

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