Raissa Lynn

I got my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Tarumanagara University, Indonesia. I anchored my choice at TU Delft because of its well known reputation. 

Every nature phenomenon can be considered as a signal so it is clear that signals processing becomes a key role in understanding the nature and an indispensable part of technologies . Therefore, I decided to continue my study in signal processing  field . I found that SS track in EEMCS faculty with their relation to important research groups and companies is the best match. Through the courses and lecturers, I have learned so many things, for example how powerful linear algebra is, thanks to the lecturers of Signals Processing for Communication and Distributed Signals Processing classes.

Even though I follow the track Signal and Systems, with the flexibility that TU Delft offers  I can take courses from another track or faculty. It helps me gain a new perspective in relating my track with others . For example, I took a Medical Visualisation course.  Inside some courses, besides a small project there is one session for a guest lecture from industry. This session really gives me a concrete proof how the knowledge is transferred into real world application and an assurance that a lot of job opportunities are waiting for me. For prospective students, I  advice you to build strong foundation in linear algebra and stochastic process so you will pass most of the courses with a big smile. Finally, I feel very grateful  that I can study and become a part of TU Delft.

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