Admission, Application & Finance

The master's programme in Environmental Engineering is now officially accredited. As of Friday, July 1, the programme is open for enrollment in Studielink. To enroll in the new MSc in Environmental Engineering, please search for Environmental Engineering - Master in Studielink and select September 1, 2022 as the start date. Below you will find information on how to complete the application process. It all depends on whether you have a Dutch or a non-Dutch BSc degree.

The students who have already applied for Environmental Engineering under Civil Engineering will be automatically transferred to Environmental Engineering. 

Programme related information for admission

Bachelor students with various profiles may be admitted provided the applicant has sufficient ‘engineering’ competences. This includes a background in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Previous knowledge in computer programming (Python, Matlab, C++) is also expected. A more detailed list of required topics/skills can be found here. As the programme is taught in English, an adequate level of English language skills (level C1) is essential. In general, this means that a “typical” Environmental Engineering student will have a VWO diploma profiel Natuur en techniek followed by a technical bachelor’s programme. Bachelor graduates from a Dutch university from Aerospace Engineering, Applied Physics, Civil Engineering, Marine Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Nanobiology programme are directly admissible. Applicants with other Dutch bachelor’s degrees in technical sciences can apply for admission but may be requested to follow a bridging programme (restrictions apply).

Note for applicants with a non-Dutch diploma 
Applicants should have previous knowledge in the expected competencies listed here. In particular, applicants will have at least 16 ECs in Mathematics and at least 4 ECs in Fluid Mechanics. Previous knowledge in computer programming (Python, Matlab, C++) is expected. Applicants lacking these computer programming skills are advised to follow a MOOC before the start of the programme. Completion of the MOOC is the responsibility of the applicant. 
In addition, applicants should have a strong command of the English language. Therefore, a minimal English Speaking subscore of IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 22 is strongly recommended. The motivation letter should be compelling, reflecting a strong command of the language and an understanding of the programme. 

Note for non EU applicants
Spaces in the new Environmental Engineering Masters programme are limited. Only top applicants with a non-EU diploma will be admitted. Every application will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Environmental Engineering MSc selection committee. All uploaded documents will be considered. 

General information on Admission and Application

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