Dutch BSc degree

Admission for Dutch Academic (WO) students

  • Technical bachelors or a bachelor in natural sciences can be admitted immediately to the EPA MSc master programme.*
  • Dutch Academic Bachelors with a degree in Architecture and other similar Bachelor courses, may only be admitted under certain conditions.*
  • Dutch Academic students holding a Bachelor degree in Technische Bestuurskunde can be admitted directly; students holding similar bachelor degrees are admitted under certain conditions*.

 *Note: it's important to make an appointment with one of our academic counsellors, to see if your background (p.a. specialisation) fits to the Master of your choice.

To see which Master’s programmes are open to you on completion of your Bachelor’s degree from a Dutch university, see the doorstroommatrix.

Application and enrolment

If you fulfill the admission requirements, you can apply to the EPA MSc programme by submitting the documents listed below AND complete the registration in Studielink (see 'Registration' below):

Documents required for application
  1. A completed and signed application form / aanmeldingsformulier.
  2. A clear and relevant essay written by the applicant (±2000 words in English) covering the following aspects:
    a.  Describe your motivation and interest in the MSc course of your choice
    b.  Rank three examples of MSc thesis topics that would interest
         you and explain your particular interests.
    c. Give a short summary (maximum 250 words) of the thesis work
         or the final assignment of your BSc study and full workload.
  3. An extensive résumé (curriculum vitae) written in English by the applicant.
  4. A certified copy of your BSc diploma.
  5. A certified copy of the full list of grades. In case you haven’t received all grades or your BSc diploma yet, please send a certified copy of all grades you received up till now.
  6. ONLY FOR FIRST REGISTRATION AT TU DELFT: A photocopy of the page(s) of your passport with photo, your name, date and place of birth and expiry date of the passport.
  7. ONLY FOR FIRST REGISTRATION AT TU DELFT: An extract from the population register (uittreksel gemeentelijke basisadministratie persoonsgegevens (GBA)) of recent date (max. 1 year).

Certified copies of documents should bear the original logo and original stamp of the office that issued the original document.

Application deadline

July 1st to start in September. After this date, it will be difficult to process your application and registration on time.

Application procedure
  1. Send all documents required for the application to toelatingscommissie-EPA-TBM@tudelft.nl, in pdf format (Please pay attention to the size of your documents to prevent it from being undeliverable)
  2. The selection committee will decide if the applicant can be admitted to the MSc program or the pre-master program and under what conditions.
  3. As soon as the selection committee has made a decision, the applicant and the Central Student Administration (CSA) will be informed by email.
  4. If the applicant is admitted, the faculty will send all original documents required for registration to the CSA. The CSA will contact the applicant for further information about registry.

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