Dmitry Burlyaev

These days I am working as Senior R&D engineer at Synopsys, Inc. Several projects I am involved in are about hardware static analysis and formal verification. Everything, starting from algorithm optimization and model checking, and finishing with statistical analysis and AI, can be used to make our products better and to develop new tools for EDA industry. Interestingly, almost all techniques I am using now were included in my electives at TU Delft. At that point, I took them just for the sake of curiosity. But since new knowledge in one domain leads to progress in others, multi-disciplinary MSc in Embedded System was a perfect starting point for me.

I remember how we took Neural Networks course in 2011, when Machine Leaning was not a hot topic yet. This and many other courses “from the future” gave me a new vision of technical problems and courage to combine the learnt techniques. I did my MSc thesis at an aerospace company in Delft analyzing fault-tolerance of satellite systems by emulation. The research-oriented project pushed me to continue this work at Inria Research Institute, France. TU Delft gave me a practical engineering way of thinking; combined with hard work, this “make-it-work” attitude lead me first to a patent, PhD degree, and, later, to my current R&D job.

Embedded Systems at TU Delft is a flexible programme and a lot depends on you. You can go to IoT security, SoC design, distributed algorithms domain – all doors are open. Choose your future, take courses for that, work hard, and you will be the creator of new tools and corporations. I advise you to do project-based courses: in 5 years you will not remember the 2nd Chapter of Computer Architecture book but the experience and fun to complete mini-projects with your classmates will stay with you forever.

Graduation year: 2012

Bachelor programme: Automation and Control, Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Master programme: Embedded Systems, TU Delft

Current position: Senior R&D Engineer

Company: Synopsys Inc.

Previous companies: Innovative Solutions in Space B.V., Inria (France).


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