Jacco van der Spek

After graduating in Embedded Systems at TU Delft, in 2014, I started working as a Software Consultant at ALTEN. The same company as where I had just finished my graduation project in the robotics field. ALTEN is a leading company in Technology Consulting and Engineering. At ALTEN we are working on projects in the fields of Technical Software, Mechatronics, Software Testing and Business Intelligence. During my graduation project I had a nice opportunity to get a behind the scenes impression of the company. This experience made me decide that I wanted to work for the company, I was therefore very happy when they offered me a job. I would recommend everyone to graduate at a company, you gain a lot of practical experience and probably you will end up with a job.

The great thing about working at ALTEN is the diversity of projects. In the past couple of years I have been working as Embedded Software Engineer in quite diverse projects concerning trains, smart strollers, radars and medical devices. Currently I’m Lead Engineer in a project that is developing a new type of wearable. The development is done within a project that is funded by the EU and involves companies from all over Europe. These different companies and their own culture makes it a very interesting project, besides from the cutting edge technology involved of course. Being a Lead Engineer I’m besides developing software busy with all kinds of project management tasks like planning, communication with partner companies and discussing requirements.

Looking back on my study at TU Delft I appreciate the solid base that you build for tackling engineering problems. The different courses that I took during my Master make that I can be up to speed in all kind of different projects really quickly. It also enables me to talk with all kind of engineers because we speak the same technical language. If I would have to give one advice: enjoy the time at university, there will never be a time again in which you can take so many interesting courses!

Graduation year: 2014

Master programme: Embedded Systems

Track/Specialization: Embedded Control Systems

Current position: Lead Engineer

Company: ALTEN Nederland

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaccovanderspek/

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