Programme in detail

The Embedded Systems programme is divided in eight quarters. At the end of each quarter students carry out exams. In the first year you will spend more time on core courses, relevant to the track you have chosen. The Common core consist of five courses (each 5 EC) relating to Embedded computer architecture, Real time systems, the Embedded Systems lab and System validation.

The next tier of the programme are the Electives, which contain fundamental courses for your specialisation track, such as Digital signal processing, VSLI, reconfigurable computer design, Advanced multicore systems, Real-Time Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, High performance computing, High-Tech Start-ups, Hybrid systems and mechatronic design.

First Year (60 EC)
1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
System Validation (5 EC) Modern Computer Architectures (5 EC) Real-time Systems (5 EC) Embedded Systems Lab (5 EC)
Specialisation courses (max. 50 EC). See full list of courses here.

Also part of it may be: homologation courses (max. 10 EC), internship (max. 15 EC) and/or a few non-technical courses.
Second Year (60 EC)
1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
Specialisation courses (max. 50 EC) Graduation project (45 EC)

Common Core (25 EC)
System Validation5 EC
Modern Computer Architectures5 EC
Quantitative Evaluation of Embedded Systems5 EC
Real-time Systems5 EC
Embeddede Systems Lab5 EC
Specialisation courses (55 EC)
Choose at least 4 courses (20 EC) from one of the next specialisation profiles:
Software & Networking
Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling | High Performance Data Networking | Advanced Network Security | Compiler Construction | Compiler Construction Project | Evolutionary Algorithms | Algorithms for Intelligent Decision Making | Intelligent Decision Making Project | Networking | Measuring and Simulating the Internet | Wireless Communications | Ad-hoc Networks | Wireless Networking | Network Security | Distributed Algorithms | Smart Phone Sensing | Advanced Algorithms | Software Architecture | Real-Time Software Development | Internet of Things seminar
Computer Architecture
Electronics for Quantum Computation | Digital IC Design | Digital IC Design II | Advanced Computing Systems | Methods and Algorithms for System Design | VLSI Test Technology & Reliability | Computer Arithmetic | Processor Design Project | VLSI Systems on Chip | Embedded Computer Architectures 2
Control Systems
Control System Design | Control System Design | Robust and Multivariable Control Design | Control Theory | Filtering & Identification | Control Systems Lab | Knowledge Based Control Systems | Optimization in Systems and Control | Nonlinear Systems Theory | Modelling and Control of Hybrid Systems | Digital Control | Networked and Distributed Control Systems | Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control | Adaptive Control | Model Predictive Control | Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control
Other possibilities
Homologation courses max 10 EC
Internshipmax 15 EC
A few non-technical courses
Thesis Project (40 EC)

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