Bassilio Dahlan

After finishing my undergraduate studies, I was searching for a master program in Embedded Systems that was composed of a balanced combination of theory and practice. Among the few universities around the world, TU Delft had a very interesting program that fueled my motivation. It was unique in being part of the joint program, known as 3TU, between the top three Dutch technical universities.

As a 3TU student, I can easily follow courses I like from any of the three universities. The synergy between the top TUs keeps the program always in phase with the most recent technological developments. The strong bonds with the industry allow students not only to get access to but also to participate in the development of the cutting-edge technologies.

On the personal level, being among the most culturally diverse universities in Europe, TU Delft offers a valuable opportunity to interact with people of very different backgrounds. I still remember that course in my first quarter where I was working with a group of four people and each of us was from a different country.

My experience so far has been so exciting, and I am sure that it is the right preparation for a challenging future.