David Bissett

I did a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. I heard about TU Delft through some of my professors in Cape Town. After doing some further research about it myself, I was very impressed with the Embedded Systems programme and the ranking of TU Delft. When I found out about the companies that were connected to this university, this was the cherry on top and I decided that I had to choose TU Delft.

The Embedded Systems Masters programme blew me away, far exceeding my expectations. The level of work that is expected at TU Delft is quite high in terms of quality and understanding but, at the same time it is not overwhelming. This is perfect for me, because I can learn many new things while receiving the necessary guidance from the lecturers.

What is special to me about this master programme is that there is a wide variety of courses to choose from. This gives me the freedom to take the electives that I want and essentially build my own degree.

I particularly enjoyed doing the course Network Security and I would highly recommend this course. It covers all aspects of network security: from the actual physical nature of the cables and security precautions,  as well the intricacies of the different networking protocols and operating systems and the implications of how they interact.

TU Delft is not just about the academics. There are also many societies and committees that you can join. I’ve had a lot of fun joining some committees, and have made some great friends at the same time.

After my studies I would like to stay in the Netherlands for a few years to work in one of the major companies taking embedded software engineers such as Bosch or Philips.