Dimitris Patoukas

After completing my first degree in ECE (Electrical-Computer Engineering) in Athens, Greece I discovered my passion for designing software for constrained environments.  For this reason, I decided to follow the Embedded Systems master programme at TU Delft.

Studying embedded systems is the best option for people who  love the flexibility of software but are fascinated on the hardware side too. Finding this combination is quite hard and that’s also why I chose this specific master programme. 

The first thing I discovered after joining TU Delft is the balance kept between hands-on experience and the theoretical knowledge. The courses are designed in such a way that you get exposed to the theoretical background of new technologies and immediately asked to apply this knowledge in the real world.

One of the projects that really stood out for me was about designing a battery less microcontroller that works with power harvesting.  Designing an original system was something that I never expected to do during my master.

If you are passionate about new technologies that require knowledge both in software and hardware, I can assure you that this is the master programme that will live up to your expectations.  Moreover, the TU Delft campus is a place full of energy and activities. Whether you are into social events, sports or academic challenges, there is always something going on.

A lot of  technological companies are linked with the university in various ways, providing valuable feedback to the students about opportunities in the job market. Personally, after meeting with companies that are specialized in security analysis on embedded systems, I decided to pursue a career in this sector.