Laura Donadoni

My name is Laura, I am from Milano (Italy) where I studied Electronics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.  After one year off that I spent travelling, I decided to come back studying.

I was bored of spending my days on books during my bachelor, and I wanted something more challenging.

TU Delft is one of the most famous universities in Europe and in the world, and it offers practical experience as well with projects and assignments that courses demand.

Reading on the masters the university offers, I was fascinated by the fact you can decide your own way picking up the courses you like the most.

I think Embedded System has met my aspirations. I have been attending this Master since September 2017 and I am fully satisfied with it. I had the opportunity to learn a lot and also to follow my interests. I also discovered I like working in teams on projects because it helps you to watch things from different points of view and this is a great way to improve yourself.  Sometimes it is hard working with people with a different culture than yours, but this is part of the challenge.

Another thing that was really impressive, at least for me, was the relationship with professors: you can always be honest with them, even if you have a different idea; you can openly talk with them and they will always be happy to listen to you. As far as I remember, every course I attended, the professors asked us students to participate and to share our ideas, that is one of the things that I love the most from this university.