Lazaros Lazaridis

My name is Lazaros Lazaridis, a 25-year old Embedded Systems Master’s student from Greece. As a teenager, I was interested in engineering and business. I had my Bachelors and my first Masters degrees on Production and Management Engineering.

As I was studying, I found out that my passion is programming. As I already had some knowledge on mechanical and electrical engineering, I tried to find something to combine them with programming. Via my research, I found out that Embedded Systems was the best option for me as it combines hardware and software in a unique way so that I could utilize my full potential.

I chose TU Delft because it is one of the best TUs in Europe! Its location is great and Delft itself is a great place to live!

The master programme gives you the freedom to choose most of the courses you want to follow based on your interests. Additionally, the fact that many courses include hands-on work is really important for this field! The course that I enjoyed the most was Embedded Real-Time Systems in which you get to develop software for a quadcopter under resource restrictions so you get a good sense of embedded programming and at the end you can literally see your code-flying which is really cool.

The online study guide provides prospective students the opportunity to already choose some courses they would like to follow. It’s important to choose them wisely. A lot of events take place in the university which can sharpen a student’s  skills. These events can help us create our future.