Maria Garcia

I am María García, a student from the University of Granada, in Spain, with a Bachelor in Industrial Electronics Engineering. I chose the Master in Embedded Systems with the specialization in Control Systems because I am deeply interested in Control Theory but also in the worlds of Programming, Electronics, Internet of Things and all the points where they intertwine.

I wanted a study that could be both a specialization and a way to broaden my skillset, and this program gave me as much freedom as I wanted to take whatever courses I found relevant (within certain boundaries of course!). Even though I focused on Control courses, I also took different ones such as Network Security or Distributed Algorithms, that were different somehow but I found of great interest for me. At the same time, I wanted to start putting my knowledge into practice and test it as soon as possible.

The TU Delft also had a very active student body, and a variety of activities are offered to those who are still in search of more challenges. I joined a team that made electric formula 1 based cars in the first month, and I was also offered a variety of different activities. That ambiance of constant learning and passion for it made me feel I was at the right place from the very beginning.

I would recommend this master to anyone who has a very broad vision of technology and wants to learn about many different aspects and get a general overview, while also going deeper in the topics of their choice.