Namitha Gopalakrishna

The link between computer science and electrical engineering has always intrigued me, so I was overjoyed to find out that TU Delft offered the MSc programme in Embedded Systems, which is a perfect combination of the two.

I was in search of a streamlined programme focusing on embedded systems, and that is exactly what I found in the MSc Embedded Systems track. The feature that enticed me the most was the flexibility that TU Delft offers.

Given the multi-disciplinary nature of the embedded systems domain, it often requires knowledge of control systems, computer engineering, applied physics or similar areas. The flexibility to take courses of your choice at any faculty is highly beneficial in this regard.

In addition to the programme’s world-renowned reputation and industrial partners, the wide variety of electives – ranging from Embedded Real-Time Systems to Advanced Multicore Systems – is another reason for choosing TUD. Specialisations in embedded networking, embedded software, embedded control systems, circuits and systems and other areas are helpful in shaping your career.

Furthermore, because it is a 3TU programme, students are automatically registered in the partner institutions (the University of Twente and TU Eindhoven), where they can also take courses.

The journey has been promising thus far. Courses are taught from a practical perspective. Students are motivated to think independently through challenging assignments, and they are assisted by excellent tutors. This keeps us busy until it’s time for examinations again!