Özge Tufan

Development and testing of the CityJSON energy extension for space heating demand calculation

3D city models are frequently used to acquire and store energy-related information of buildings to be used in energy applications, such as solar potential analyses and energy demand calculations. Most commonly used for this is CityGML, which provides an application domain extension called the Energy ADE to store energy-related data in XML format.

On the other hand, CityJSON has been developed as a JSON-based encoding to exchange 3D city models, However, even though an extension mechanism exists in CityJSON, an energy-related CityJSON extension does not. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to develop and test a CityJSON Energy Extension. To achieve this, the space heating demand

Overall, this thesis showed that the CityJSON Energy Extension can provide an easy-to-use alternative to CityGML Energy ADE, where the Extension files can be simply parsed by software and easily understood by the user without reaching large file sizes.