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Geomatics in the media

Geomatics Open Lecture Series

We depend on geo-information, but do YOU know what it is?
The Geomatics lecture series is organized for students in order to make the importance of geo-information for our modern day society better known.

Geo-information is often invisible, but it controls the functioning of more technical devices than you would think.

For example, it provides the necessary information for safe navigation and the offshore industry, it enables dike deformation monitoring through satellites, 3D modelling for urban space management and building tunnels, and location based services such as TomTom and Google maps. It is also used for traffic monitoring, risk assessment of areas that are vulnerable to flooding, and for much more...

Coming lectures

18 May 2017 | 11.45 - 12.45
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TBM), Room D1
Geomatics Open Lecture - Dutch Spatial base data made available as linked data

Open Guest Lecture within the framework of the Geomatics course GEO1007 Geoweb Technology.
By Richard Witmer and Erwin Folmer, Kadaster

Past lectures 2016

8 December, Dirk Devisch (Essensium) and Dirk Callaerts (BlooLoc),  Real-time localisation based on Bluetooth signals
19 May, Joost Boerboom & Fedor Baart, Web Processing Service Standard
12 May, Michel Grothe and Thijs Brentjens, Sensor Web – Cases from RIVM, Weather Station and Smart Emission Project (Nijmegen)  

Past lectures 2015

8 June, Mike Worboys, 'Modeling movement in geographic space' (PDF)
4 June, Michel Grothe and Thijs Brentjens, Sensor Web – 'Cases from RIVM, Weather Station and Smart Emission Project (Nijmegen)' (PDF)
28 May, Joost Boerboom & Fedor Baart, 'Web Processing Service Standard' (PDF) 

Past lectures 2014

6 May, Gerben de Boer, dr. Annette Zijderveld, 'Web-based data management and data science with the OpenEarth community at Deltares' (PDF)
26 March, Dr Bart Beers, 'Collection and use of 3D geographic image data at CycloMedia'
25 March, Paul Brous, 'The way to trusted spatial data for Rijkswaterstaat' (PDF)
25 February, Dr Friso Penninga MSc, 'How 2D and 3D geo-data are crucial for solving todays urban challenges: case of City of The Hague' (PDF) 

Past lectures 2013

26 March, Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson, Geoinformation within Registers Iceland in context to European cooperation and INSPIRE (PDF)
26 February, Ingrid Alkemade, The Actual Height Model of the Netherlands (pdf)
26 February, Marc Crombaghs, 3D topographic maps (pdf)
9 January, Bart Beers, Large scale and detailed photorealistic presentations in 2D and 3D (collegerama) 

Past lectures 2012

10 May, Dirk Verbeek & Arie-Johan van de Werken, Geomatics for utilities, backgrounds and reference cases:

26 April, Deren Li, A Framework Design for the Chinese National Disaster Reduction System of Systems (collegerama)
27 April, Qing Zhu, Cutting-Edge Technologies of 3D GIS? (collegerama)
2 April, Alex García-Alonso Montayo, 3DTV: technologies and challenges (collegerama)
19 March, Friso Penninga, Simplicial homology for 3D modelling (pdf)

Past lectures 2011

6 June, Xuan Wang, Augmented Reality, the next mass media
30 May, Olivier Courtin, 3D support, inside coming PostGIS 2,0 (collegerama)
21 March, Thijs Brentjens, National critical geo infrastructure runs on open source database PostGIS (pdf) 

Past lectures 2010

8 June, Ed Parsons, Does Google Earth reflect our needs? (collegerama)
4 May, David Wortley, Serious gaming (ppt)
20 April, Andy Hooper, Volcanic activity in Iceland
15 March, Han Wammes, Oracle (pdf)
24 March, Pieter Jonker, Augmented reality (pdf)