Geomatics day

Geomatics is an innovative and rapidly developing field, as detailed, accurate and up-to-date 3D representations of the built environment are increasingly essential for multiple applications. Geomatics covers all aspects of geo-information, from sensing technologies to storage, from data quality to data protection and from analysis and visualisation to smart use. 

Geomatics Day is your chance to get up to date on the latest research of our students. We will be showing the results of the students’ synthesis project where they partnered with a company or government organisation to address a real world challenge. Companies will be presenting their latest geo-innovations and there will be lively discussions with outstanding professors, CEOs and students about new trends and developments in our domain.

Geomatics Day is also the networking event of the Geomatics programme. Here you can meet students, alumni and other geo-information professionals and explore how Geomatics helps us to better understand, manage and shape the built environment.

Geomatics Day will conclude with the announcement of the Geomatics best thesis award. Winner of the best thesis award in 2020 was Shenglan Du, for her thesis Accurate, Detailed and Automatic Tree Modelling from Point Clouds. In 2021 Amber Mulder won the award for her thesis Semantic Segmentation of RGB-Z Aerial Imagery Using Convolutional Neural Networks. . 
Students projects that featured in Geomatics Day in 2021 were:

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