Erik van der Wal

Examining the influence of urban design on cyclist route choice in different weather conditions

Travelling by bicycle has many advantages over transportation by car. To stimulate the use of bicycles, more information is needed to uncover the behaviour and preferences of cyclists. Existing research explores how the weather conditions affect the preferred mode of transportation.  However, the influence of weather conditions on a cyclists’ route choice is not discussed. This study thus investigates how cyclists mitigate weather conditions through their chosen route. Based on findings of pedestrian studies, it is evaluated to what extent the level of shelter found within the built environment has an influence on the chosen route. Through linear regression models it is tested how different kind of shelter factors and the weather condition influence the taken route. The results show limited dependencies between meteorological and shelter factors, suggesting that cyclists do not value the degree of built environment shelter along a route as a mitigator of weather conditions to diverge from the shortest or fastest route.

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