Non-Dutch BSc degree

Integrated Product Design

The Integrated Product Design programme requires students to have a balanced combination of design skills and a thorough understanding of the product development process. Due to the fact that products are designed for people, knowledge of aesthetics/form giving and ergonomics is required. Products need to be technically sound, therefore (in-depth) knowledge of mechanics, electronics, materials and production technologies is also required. Students need to be able to design and communicate the design intent effectively, therefore knowledge of design methods and techniques, design sketching and 3D rendering skills is required.

Next, we require candidates to have relevant research skills and an academic approach to the subject of industrial design. An advanced level of academic writing is needed in order to report research and design activities. Teamwork skills are essential as students will cooperate in project teams. English proficiency is very important for successful participation in project teams, therefore a minimal English Speaking Subscore of IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 22 is strongly recommended. Furthermore, as an IPD student it is crucial to couple human aspects, technology aspects and business aspects mentioned before.

Every application will be reviewed on an individual basis by the selection committee of the MSc programme. Admission will be based on an evaluation of all documents that you are required to upload. For admission to Integrated Product Design (IPD) an engineering-based industrial design degree is required.

At IDE, we expect MSc students to take an active approach in defining their personal learning path.

In addition to the programme specific requirements mentioned above, applicants must meet TU Delft’s general admission requirements for international applicants.

Variant for engineering majors

Applicants with a BSc in a traditional engineering discipline (mechanical engineering, mechatronics, production engineering/manufacturing technology, aerospace engineering or maritime engineering), are eligible to apply for a special variant of the MSc IPD programme. In this 2-year variant of the IPD MSc programme applicants will start with a semester-long intensive adaptation programme in industrial design (on master level), followed by 2 semesters with the main IPD courses and concluded by the graduation project in the last semester. (Please mind: this variant does not have a ‘free elective’-semester.) Upon completion students will hold a MSc in Integrated Product Design. There is an additional application requirement for this variant: applicants need to take the MOOC Delft Design Approach before applying, upload the MOOC certificate before the application deadline of the MSc programme, and add the results to their portfolio. 

More information on this variant can be found here.

Portfolio requirements

The portfolio requirements can be found here.

Start in September or February

The MSc programme in Integrated Product Design starts twice a year. Students can start either in the beginning of September (Fall semester) or in the beginning of February (Spring semester). (NB. The MSc Variant for engineering majors only starts in September.)

Application deadlines

Fall Semester

For EU/EFTA students a rolling admissions policy applies. This means that complete applications will be reviewed as they are received. The application deadline will be 1 April.

The MSc Integrated Product Design has a limited capacity for non-EU/EFTA applicants. If you are eligible for admission, your application will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. The deadline for submitting your application is 15 January. By Mid-March, non-EU/EFTA applicants will be informed about the outcome of their admission request.

Spring Semester

The application deadline for Spring semester is 1 October, for non-EU/EFTA and EU nationals. For non-EU students an admission capacity applies.

More information on how to apply

More information on the application procedure, required documents and TU Delft’s general admission requirements can be found here.

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