Portfolio requirements

For admission to the MSc programme Integrated Product Design, applicants must submit a portfolio digitally. This is one of the most important aspects of the application.

Portfolio requirements IPD

The digital portfolio should present your work from your previous education programme(s). Projects resulting from working experience may also be added to the portfolio.

Quality is more important than quantity. The portfolio should give insight into your skills, development and experience. It should reflect your personal interests. It should emphasize your appropriateness for the MSc Integrated Product Design by showing to what level you master the wide variety of skills needed to start the IPD Master.

Project documentation

The portfolio may consist of at most 8 projects demonstrating not only the final results but also the design process you followed and that steps you have taken. This could be by research and exploration of a product from beginning, through intermediate sketches (sketches must show visual and verbal idea development and problem solving), calculations and considerations (including aesthetics, ergonomics, engineering, material selections and production process choices) to a final product description (including a presentation drawing or rendering of the final product).

  • Clearly indicate the title of each project and indicate a date and environment (company, university, personal) of the project.
  • For each project, write a descriptive paragraph explaining the design problem and your goal with the project
  • Clearly indicate exactly which role you played in the creation of the work submitted. Is it group or individual work? What was your exact contribution to the project?
  • Was the work for a class assignment, a professional assignment or something you pursued on your own?
  • The level of the project (year/semester of your study in which the project was carried out)
  • Name of the supervisor of the project
  • If you have done any user research as a part of the project mention this in the paragraph and, show the results.

Please keep in mind that the admissions committee judges your individual skills. In general, individual projects show your capacities better than group work. If you decide to add group projects, please indicate carefully what your contribution is. If this is not clear to the committee they can’t judge your personal skills and this might decrease your chances of being admitted to the MSc track.

Please keep in mind that you are applying for an academic programme and therefore should be able to display your attitude and approach appropriate towards it.  

Include sketches

Send finished drawings and sketches of original product design concepts. Sketches must show preliminary visual and verbal idea development and problem solving. They are an example of how you develop and organise your projects and ideas. Please note that for all drawings we require you to include the name of the author (if it is not yourself).

If you want to show a short presentation, in addition to your PDF portfolio, it is possible to make a video of 1 minute max. Please include an online link (e.g. youtube or vimeo) in your PDF portfolio.

Size of the portfolio

  1. The portfolio should be uploaded in pdf format and not exceed 20 MB.
  2. The number of pages should not exceed 30.
  3. The size of the pages should not exceed A4
  4. Landscape format is preferred.
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