Career prospects

Integrated design is increasingly important in a globalised business environment, and crucial to design processes that take the entire life cycle of a product into consideration. An integrated design approach is vitally important in the development of sophisticated, user friendly consumer products and services. The same holds for health care products and equipment, and cost-effective, environmentally friendly automobiles and transportation systems.

Graduates of the programme will find abundant opportunities including positions as industrial designers, product engineers, product managers, quality assurance managers, sales engineers, packaging designers. Others pursue careers in research and education.

With the specialisation Medisign

Graduates who specialise in Medisign are all-round engineers who have experience in design in an inter-disciplinary team in the medical field. In this growing field, there are abundant design opportunities. Participants in the Medisign programme have found jobs at medical design companies like Indes and Spark Design, as well as multinationals active in the medical equipment field such as Philips Medical, Drager and Siemens.

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