Dutch BSc degree


Students with a BSc degree in Life Science & Technology or Molecular Science & Technology (major Technology) from either TU Delft or Leiden University are eligible for admission.

Dutch students with other BSc degrees may be eligible to follow a pre-master's programme of variable length in which they take the necessary courses to prepare for the MSc in Life Science & Technology. Take a look at the transfer (doorstroom) matrix to see if your BSc-degree is related to the MSc programme Life Science & Technology.

The MSc programme builds on the student's basic knowledge and research skills. Knowledge of mathematics, chemistry and chemical engineering (including transport phenomena) is essential. Furthermore, it is expected that students are well-grounded in the basics of biochemistry, organic chemistry, molecular genetics and microbiology.

Remediation of deficiencies

If necessary, students will be required to take an individualised programme for the remediation of deficiencies. We expect students with deficiencies to have cleared these before the start of the master programme, so they meet the required entry level.


Applicants with a BSc degree from a Dutch university other than TU Delft should follow these steps:

  1. contact the programme coordinator for Life Science & Technology through info-lst@tudelft.nl
  2. follow the general application procedure of TU Delft

For information about admission requirements, bridging programmes and application procedures, please contact the programme coordinator of Life Science & Technology.

Programme Coordinator

Ms. Andrea Witkam
T: 015-2783796
E: info-lst@tudelft.nl


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