MSc Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

The master's Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (MSc MADE) is a master's with a focus on sustainable development. You learn to create innovative solutions for the challenges that metropolitan regions are facing in securing environmental change, urban sustainability and the quality of life in cities.

MSc MADE is an interdisciplinary programme of both Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research. In this master's you tackle particularly complex problems deriving from urbanisation. These issues include mobility and logistics, water and waste management, and energy and food security.

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Degree: Master of Science

Joint degree: Wageningen University & Resarch and Delft University of Technology

Credits: 120 ECTS, 24 months

Language: English

Location: AMS Institute, Amsterdam

Start: September

What makes this master's in sustainable development unique?

  • Attain skills and knowledge by testing ideas in a living lab setting in Amsterdam.
  • Benefit from a joint degree that gives you the best of both worlds: Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research.
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams with students from different academic and international backgrounds.

Study programme Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

This programme is hosted by AMS Institute in Amsterdam. The master’s MADE brings together multidisciplinary teams to reflect and work on solutions to questions like: How to keep our metropoles connected? How to aim for the circular city? And, how to safeguard its vitality? This two-year master's in sustainable development is entrepreneurial and takes place in the territorial context of Amsterdam.

The first academic year consists of courses such as Metropolitan Challenges, Data and Entrepreneurship. These will prepare you for the Living Lab in the second year. The Living Lab approach will enable you to work on real-life cases within the city of Amsterdam. You can find the general course outline on the MSc MADE programme page on this website along with more information on what you will learn.

Application and admission

Find out more about the specific admission requirements and the application procedures on the Wageningen University & Research website.

MADE IT study association

MADE IT is the study association belonging to the master Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering, 

Watch this video and get an overview of the field, the content of the programme and your career opportunities. [9:30 minutes]


MSc MADE Education Team

Student Coach

Julia Roks