HBO BSc degree

HBO students graduates with a Bachelor's degree in a technical field or in natural sciences from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences may be eligible for admission to the MSc MOT. Check the Doorstroompagina for more information.

Depending on your grades you will be required to follow a Schakelprogramma (Bridging programme). This bridging programme can be taken as a minor embedded in your HBO Bachelor's programme or after you receive your bachelor's degree.

Background Conditions for admission
Grade point average > 7,5 within 4 years and final assignment (Bachelor thesis) > 8. The selection committee may decide for immediate admission
Grade point average > 7 and < 7,5 within 4 years and final assignment (Bachelor thesis) > 7 The selection committee may decide for admission to the bridging programme
Grade point Average < 7 Can not be admitted to the Master programme MOT
Finished bridging programme during HBO Bachelor The selection committee may decide for immediate admission 

Bridging programme while earning a Bachelor’s at an HBO

If TU Delft has an existing agreement with your HBO, you may enrol in the bridging programme in the third and fourth years of your undergraduate studies. The programme,is called a ‘doorstroomminor’ [transfer minor]. It is important to note that the transfer minor programme is an integral part of an HBO programme and not supplemental to the courses taken to satisfy the HBO degree requirements; a total of 30 EC earned in the courses in the transfer minor are credited to the total required to earn the HBO degree. You can contact the Contact Centre for further information on the doorstroomminor. 

Bridging programme following completion of your HBO programme

If you do not take the additional courses while completing your Bachelor’s during your HBO programme, then you must complete the bridging programme after you receive your Bachelor’s degree.

And if the field of study is not the same?

Theoretically, it is possible to enrol in a programme that is unrelated to your HBO programme. For further information, contact the Contact Center for the programme which you wish to follow.

Application and enrolment

For students with a BSc degree from a Dutch HBO and HBO students who want to apply for a 'bridging minor'.