Roy Arriens

I completed my bachelor Electrical Engineering here at the TU Delft. I was always fascinated by computers and the way they changed our everyday lives.  Even now computers are rapidly evolving and making our lives easier.  Being part of a technological change that impacts the whole world, was one of the main reasons  that motivated me to study Computer Engineering. 

The main aspect that I was looking in a master was the combination of theoretical and practical work.  Computer Engineering really offers this combination in  a proper way. Almost each course has a practical, which give a good representation of real world applications  where you apply the theory taught during the lectures. 

What I really like about the master are the projects courses. During the projects you have to work in groups with different students to create a certain design or product. In these projects you learn how to communicate and work together with multiple people, which is really helpful for your future career. Also the satisfaction you get after finishing a project is really rewarding.

The master itself is a lot of work and will take a lot of time. But the key to productive studying is planning. If you plan your courses correctly  and work hard, you'll pass easily. After studying hard, you can always find a place in Delft to relax and have a fun time. Delft is a really vibrate city with a lot of students who all know how to party.