Advanced Construction Materials: Roads & Buildings (ACM)

With the rapid developments in the civil construction and infrastructure industry, an increasing number of highly educated people specialised on advanced construction materials are needed in order to fill positions in industry as well as in educational institutes. This specialisation allows materials science MSc students to study modelling and experimental aspects of advanced construction materials in greater depth.

This Specialisation Course comprises the following obligatory modules:

  • Forensic Building Materials Science (CIE5102)
  • Concrete - Science and Technology (CIE5110)
  • Repair and Maintenance of Construction Materials (CIE5100)
  • Micromechanics and Computational Modelling of Building Materials (CIE5146)

Furthermore, 20 EC of elective modules should be chosen.

Examples of graduation projects

  • Water encapsulation to initiate self-healing in cementitious materials;
  • Waste Glass as Partial Binder Precursor and Fine Aggregate Replacement in Alkali Activated Slag/Fly ash System.

More information

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