Metals Science and Technology (MST)

The specialization in Metals Science and Technology will put you in contact with the latest technologies and approaches in the design, characterization, engineering, production and performance of metallic alloys. This specialization will allow you to innovatively design and effectively select metallic alloys able to meet challenging environmental and working conditions. You will earn an in-depth understanding of the relationships between metallic microstructures and their properties, ranging from strength and corrosion to magnetic properties.

This Specialisation Course comprises the following obligatory modules:

  • Science of Failure (MS43100)
  • Metals Science II (MS43200)

Furthermore at least three of the following modules should be taken:

  • Computational Materials Science II (MS43205)
  • Advanced Characterisation (MS43210)
  • Steel Science (MS43215)
  • Corrosion Science (MS43220)

Finally, 18 EC of elective modules should be chosen.

Examples of graduation projects

  • The influence of microstructure on the corrosion behaviour of ferritic-martensitic steel;
  • 3-dimensional analysis of microstructures in titanium;
  • Atomistic simulation of interface dynamics during austenite-ferrite transformation;
  • Thermal stability of retained austenite in Quenching & Partitioning steels;
  • Effect of chemical composition and microstructure of Zn and Al-based coatings on electrochemical response in corrosive environments.

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