MSc Marine Technology

TU Delft's MSc Programme in Marine Technology (MT) – the only one of its type offered in the Netherlands – gives future engineers the knowledge and skills they need to handle the entire process of design, construction, production and operation of these ships and marine systems.

Designs for the high seas

In years past, there was hardly any job more hazardous than to sail the seas. These days, we take it for granted that cargo ships can safely navigate the seas – largely because of technological advances in marine technology. These same technologies make it possible to extract oil from the seabed and load it on to a tanker in high winds and heavy seas. If you are intrigued by the technologies that allow for the construction of highly complex modern ships, the exploitation of mineral wealth on the seabed, and other achievements of marine technology, TU Delft’s unique master’s programme may be just the programme for you.

Please note: From the 2020-2021 academic year, the MSc Marine Technology is no longer divided into two tracks. When starting with the programme, you only have to choose between the five specializations (multidisciplinary students can choose two or three specialisations as well).

What you will learn

In the programme, MT engineers acquire a thorough understanding of basic engineering sciences and marine technology disciplines, and develop multidisciplinary problem-solving skills. As a participant in the programme, you will also select an area of expertise from topics such as ship hydromechanics, ship and offshore structures, marine systems design and ship production, and will consider the various social and environmental impacts associated with marine technology applications.

Master Tracks

Marine Technology offers two master tracks. Science, which is focused at the more fundamental side of Marine Technology, such as Hydromechanics and Structures. The other one is Design Production and Operation, which focuses more on the interaction and integration between disciplines. Here you will find subject such as design and marine engineering, ship production and shipping management. 

Master Tracks Marine Technology