Rens Gerritsen

Marine Technology MSc Programme

During the first few years of my study I became aware of the fact that there are a lot of interesting topics to specialise in. I decided to follow my passion and went for the mastertrack Ship Design, Production and Operations. I was especially interested in Marine Engineering after all. In the end, every ship needs a way of propulsion or power generation.

In the program for this topic special attention is given to the internals of a ship. An evident part of these “internals” is still the diesel engine as it was invented around 100 years ago. However, with an ever-growing concern for the environment more and more clean alternatives are discussed during the master. This enables us to develop more sustainable and energy efficient ships for the future!

This new wave of developments in the marine industry came back in my graduation research. I had the opportunity to investigate the possibilities for hybrid propulsion and the use of batteries for one of the large Dutch dredging companies. 

Rens Gerritsen
(The Netherlands)