First year

The courses taught within the various specialisations of SDPO are aimed at providing students not only with specific knowledge about their elected specialisation, but also with sufficiently broad knowledge on issues related to design, planning and economics.

First year

The first year will contain +/- 35 EC compulsory courses with about 25 EC available for elective courses. Within each semester courses might follow up, but it this overlap is not explicitly present between the two semesters. The compulsory courses will largely cover your final criteria as a master. In this compulsory block, you’ll be following courses on hydromechanics, structures, design, mechatronics, optimisation, risk and economics, covering the entire field of Maritime Technology. This creates a lot of freedom for you to pick your electives and thus create your own programme. 


25 ec

  • Ship and Offshore Hydromechanics (linear motions and loads)
  • Ship and Offshore Structures (fatigue, fracture, ultimate strength)
  • Mechatronics (dynamic positioning, signal analysis
  • Project Management and Planning and Design of Complex Specials.

11 ec

  • Operations Research (Logistics and Design Optimisation)
  • Maritime Business Game (including ship Finance)

24 ec

Of which at least one of the following subjects
will have to be chosen:

  • Marine Engineering (5 EC)
  • Ship Production (5 EC)
  • Ship Design (5 EC)
  • Shipping Management (5 EC)

These courses are necessary to gain access to subjects in that matter for your final Thesis.
You are allowed to pick more than one of course, leaving the option open to choose a specialization at the start of your thesis. The other electives are free to choose, also outside of the faculty, though have to be agreed upon by the Master Coordinator and the student.

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