Track: Science

Develop your Knowledge and Skills to solve Tomorrow’s Problems of the Maritime Industry

In the Science track, the aim is to develop knowledge, skills, and tools to aid in the analysis and design of ships and offshore structures, as well as new concepts for ships and other floating structures and to apply new construction materials. Students receive an in-depth knowledge of and skills in applying the fundamentals of hydrodynamics and structural materials. This is necessary as such work generally cannot be based on past experience and existing concepts alone. Key words in this respect are design based on the application of knowledge and skills with respect to first principles. Moreover, students will consider the various social and environmental impacts associated with marine technology applications.

Multidisciplinary problems

The bulk of the Science track is taken up with the study of mathematics, advanced hydrodynamics, properties of new materials, advanced, methods of structural analysis and advanced ship concepts. During their education students also address a number of social and environmental subjects. They develop skills in solving multidisciplinary problems through systematic thinking, analysis and synthesis, and they learn to work in multidisciplinary teams as well as independently.

Focus areas

Within the Science track, you can graduate within two different research groups, each with several faculty members, who each have their in-depth specialty. The research group of ship hydromechanics focuses on ship motion behaviour in waves and manoeuvring, where safety and operability are key words, and resistance and propulsion, where the focus is on sustainable ship propulsion. Ship Structures focuses on considerations of structure and strength in ships and offshore structures. Increasingly, the link between Ship Hydromechanics (hydromechanics loads) and Ship Structures gets more attention. 

Track coordinator Science P. de Vos
T:  +31 15 27 81040

Please note: From the 2020-2021 academic year, the MSc Marine Technology is no longer divided into two tracks. When starting with the programme, you only have to choose between the five specializations (multidisciplinary students can choose two or three specialisations as well).