Dutch BSc degree

In most cases, if you hold a BSc degree and the Master’s programme is closely related to your Bachelor’s programme, you will be admitted directly into the programme. However, if the Master’s programme does not follow directly from your undergraduate programme, you will be required to take additional courses in what is called a bridging programme. This may be a standard programme, or it may be tailored to your specific situation.

Find your MSc

To see which Master’s programmes are open to you on completion of your Bachelor’s degree from a Dutch non-technical university, click on http://www.studychoice.nl. If you do your Bachelor’s at a technical university, click on doorstroommatrix.

Application and enrolment

Students who have a Dutch diploma can register for TU Delft via Studielink, a system operated by the DUO. Once you register, you will receive a payment form from TU Delft. Return the completed form to TU Delft as soon as possible.

You are considered to be registered in TU Delft if the payment scheme and the tuition payment have been approved. You will receive a confirmation of your registration. More information can be found on http://csa.tudelft.nl.