Ship and Offshore Structures

Ever since the advent of 'open' ships, ro-ro ships and offshore constructions, design has become one of the most important fields of study for the marine engineer. Together with the classification societies, the engineers at shipyards and design agencies bear responsibility for shape, choice of materials, production technology and the dimensioning of the connecting parts.

What you will learn

A designer should always be looking for the impossible. Relatively new sciences, such as finite-element calculations and fracture mechanics, are just as much part of the curriculum as are knowledge of the quality degeneration of materials resulting from welding and cutting, or the suppression of vibration and noise pollution.

Graduation projects

For their master’s thesis projects, students may choose to work on in-house assignments related to the main research topics of the research group, supervised by members of the TU Delft staff and PhDs. Another option is to make use of the research group’s extensive network and close relationships with national and international industrial concerns and research institutes.

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