The Nanobiology programme is a two-year Master’s programme, comprises 120 ECTS and is conducted in English.

The programme is a mixture of more theoretical courses, which deepen and broaden the knowledge and understanding the students have acquired previously during the bachelor’s program and practical research in a large research project.
The courses continue in the same line as the bachelor courses when it comes to the integration of physics and biology. Where biological challenges for example in the course “biology of cancer” are being approached from a mathematical and physical perspective.

Other mandatory courses will focus on microscopy in “high resolution imaging” and modeling in Computational modeling and Dynamical Systems. Apart from the compulsory courses, there is a large selection possibility from a list of electives courses.

Curriculum Nanobiology

Check the detailed study plan for the Master Nanobiology.

Prof.dr. Claire Wyman

Programme director Nanobiology ''Are you intrigued by the complexity of living systems? How do cellular and molecular processes function in health and disease? Can they be quantified, modeled, predicted, and modified? If you want to find answers to these types of questions the MSc Nanobiology is for you.''