International Opportunities

During the program

The MSc Offshore and Dredging Engineering programme offers several opportunities for students to study abroad. These include opportunities to do internships, to follow courses as an exchange student, or to do an MSc thesis project with an international industrial partner.

Students have for example completed between 23 and 46 ECTS of elective subjects, as part of the Erasmus Mundus exchange programme, at the Universidad PolitƩcnica de Madrid and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Through its teachers, PhD students and other temporary staff, the MSc programme Offshore and Dredging Engineering maintains a strong international network with contacts in many leading industries and research institutes.

After graduation

After the MSc programme the international possibilities are very present. With offshore structures in 23 different seas, gulfs and oceans, and offshore financial centres in 98 countries, the industry is very much global. Graduates of this programme are found around the world, from India, Mumbai to Australia, Brisbane and Singapore, to name a few.